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Love is one of our oldest concepts, strongest emotions and often the hardest feeling to define. This open call invites you to express your version of LOVE.

From the seven ancient greek levels of love to the religious bounds of the word to the tragedies of Shakespearean tales to the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, and everything in between and beyond, we invite you to delve deep into your own self to explore the broad and narrow definitions of love within your own life and on a larger community or global scale.

Entry: $30 per person. Fee includes a Davinci Pro ultra smooth, gesso primed wooden panel that you will create on (12”x16”x2” [thickness]) You will receive the panel upon registration. To register, bring a printed and signed copy of this form to the 610 Arts Collective along with your payment (payable to WCA)


All work must be for sale and priced under $400. 65% proceeds from sales will go to the artist and 35% will go to 610 Gallery, Ridgway Chautauqua Society.

Artist Statement: Must be between 100-500 words, single spaced, 12 point Arial font. Statements should articulate how your visual imagery conveys, interprets, responds to or connects with the theme.

Use the given substrate.

3D and sculptural elements ARE permitted within the following parameters:

Work may not exceed 12” vertical off of the panel and must remain within the 12×16 dimensions (depth/width) of the base.

2-D Photography also allowed, within the total parameters of 12×16. Works can be mounted to the substrate, or can be printed on a surface that does not exceed 12×16. Please no frames for this show. Please also provide a finished work, ready for hanging (ie: printed on metal, printed on plexi, etc)

Details about the substrate:

Ultra smooth, gesso primed wooden panel. Dimensions: 12” x 16” with a 2” depth. The buffed finish readily accepts technical drawing pens, graphite and colored pencils, conte’, charcoal, oil, acrylic gouaches, and more. Seal with an archival spray fixative appropriate for your individual medium (or varnish for paintings) for a dramatic, frameless presentation of your artwork.”

Artist Registration: October 4-Dec 23, 2022
Please note: our offices will be closed from Dec 24 – Jan 2, which is why you must register and collect your panel by Dec. 23.

Artwork must be brought to the 610 Arts Collective on January 17 and 18 between 10 am and 5 pm.

Exhibition Dates: January 20 – Feb 25, 2023

Show opens with a reception on Friday, January 20th from 5:30 – 7 pm and artists and the community are highly encouraged to attend.

There will be 2 cash prizes. People’s Choice Award ($150) and the 610 Choice Award ($100).

  • DATE

    Sign up and purchase your panel by December 23, 2022

  • TIME

    Monday-Friday, 10-5 and Saturday 10-3

  • COST

    $30 per submission

Artist Submission Form