Event and Special Project Sponsorship

Let’s face it - the past two years have been a little ---- quirky.

Nearly all of us were presented with challenges and obstacles that won’t soon be forgotten. And though these two years have been loaded with strife, they have also been loaded with opportunity. Most specifically, Weehawken Creative Arts and the Ridgway Chautauqua Society have had many fortuitous opportunities to turn things on their side and view them differently -- to reinvent our models and think outside of the box.

Lucky for our communities, this is where creative organizations thrive! Partnerships were strengthened. New venues and new events were born. The San Juans smiled once again as our citizens got back to connecting through the arts.

One of our favorite outcomes of 2021 was the birth of what is sure to be a long-standing free community event, The Fete de la Musique. While we had some ideas on how the event would “look,” the public’s response to the event far surpassed anything we ever imagined. It was nothing short of magical and the Summer Solstice of 2021 will go down in our collective memories as one of the best days our organizations have ever known.

We also had an incredible time re-instituting a live version of The Rally Thru the Alley 1k Fun Run for the Arts, which then led to the Sherb’s San Juan Barrel Fest event. Hundreds gathered to capstone another incredible summer in our mountains on one glorious day.

We can’t deny - it’s been wonderful to get back to at least a quasi-normal existence. Weehawken Dance is back to producing full-scale ballets at the Pavilion. Theater has returned indoors. People can once again dance inside the Sherbino. We have no doubt that you will be excited to see the full menu of incredible programs and projects we have for you this summer and fall.

And, even though Weehawken and RCS are two separate organizations with separate budgets, boards and bank accounts --- the two organizations work so well together to collaboratively achieve great things for our communities.

It would mean so much if you would consider investing in our vision and plans for the coming year. Would you consider making a designated gift to underwrite a specific project or program? Every dollar of your gift would go directly towards your choice of our top programming priorities for the year. If you’re a business, you can opt to “SPONSOR” an event or project (which generally comes with advertising benefits). If you’re an individual or family, you can opt to “UNDERWRITE” an event or project (generally used without advertising, but gets the full benefit of a tax deductible gift).

Sponsor the Ridgway Fete de le Musique

A community-wide Live Music Event

On JUNE 25, 2022 (in honor of the Summer Solstice and World Music Day on June 21st) we will gather the community to play and enjoy music outside in public spaces. Like we did in 2021 and 2022, our plan is for MANY MANY musicians from all genres and levels to participate in this event.  The event will be FREE to the public and will take place outdoors in the heart of downtown Ridgway, with multiple performances happening at once all over town. The public will be encouraged to bring cash to tip the artists and many artists are also offered honorarium. We’d love your support in helping underwrite honorariums for performers, or helping with some of the marketing and production costs to develop and promote this new event. Details on how you can contribute can be found on the link below!  (Please note - if you'd rather send a check -- we welcome you to do so by sending it to RCS, PO Box 236, Ridgway, CO  81432 with a memo of "Fete Sponsor")

Yes! I Want to Sponsor Fete de la Musique!

sponsor the ridgway 1 k rally thru the alley

Ridgway 1k/0k Fun Run

The most fun you can have in .62 miles is back- mark your calendars for October 7! The Sherbino’s San Juan Barrel Fest (formerly Firkin Fest West) event will take place on the same day in the later afternoon and registrants can combine their registration with this event, if they wish; and because we are putting two events on the same day, the race will end in Hartwell Park with a bigger, better live music event! We would LOVE to gather support to help with the cost of the 1k Break stations (think: stops with 300 pieces of cooked bacon or 300 donuts, etc), marketing and production costs, or helping to underwrite the post-event live music. Details on how you can contribute can be found at the below link, but we are requesting support starting at $250.   (Please note - if you'd rather send a check -- we welcome you to do so by sending it to RCS, PO Box 236, Ridgway, CO  81432 with a memo of "1k Sponsor" or "Barrel Fest Music sponsor")

Yes! I Want to Sponsor Ridgway 1K!

underwrite live music at the sherbino

Interested in helping a bigger act get to Ridgway? We’d love your support! ($1,000+)

Email trisha@sherbino.org for more info!

sponsor Theatre at the Sherbino

Interested in being a Theater Sponsor or Underwriter? We’d love to have your support! We have a great lineup of performances ahead- ranging from full stage play to storytelling, from improv to reader's theatre

Email Ashley King for more info!