FETE DE LA MUSIQUE is a day to celebrate community, music and Summer solstice! A Plethora of Live music will be offered by local and regional musicians from all genres & ages throughout N. Ridgway. We’ll have beverage stations, food trucks and the event is free to attend — though tips for musicians are highly encouraged.

Fete De La Musique is presented by Weehawken Creative Arts, Sherbino and Citizen’s State Bank with support from many others.

On  JUNE 25, 2022 (in honor of the  Summer Solstice and World Music Day on June 21st) we will gather the community to play and enjoy music outside in public spaces. Like we did in 2021 and 2022, our plan is for MANY MANY musicians from all genres and levels to participate in this event.

The event is FREE to the public and outdoors, with multiple performances happening simultaneously all over the north side of Ridgway. This year, we will again be closing some streets for safety and adding some food trucks and beverage (adult and NA) concessions.

The event will run from 4-9 pm and will again start centrally at Hartwell Park, then pulsate outward to the event edges (Cora St. all the way to Otto St; Clinton from Lena to Laura St. and Lena St from Charles to Otto St) and then retract back to Hartwell Park for a single community concert and finale.

The public will be encouraged to WALK to the event and bring additional cash to tip the artists and consider donating to support the event.

Just like in past years, we’ll get it ALL — Mariachi, harpists, local bands, bluegrass, kids playing drums, electro funk, youth symphony, community chorales and more!


This is a “run” you won’t want to miss! The Ridgway 1k is a very fun, costumed race for all ages with plenty of rest-stops along the way of the “grueling” 6 block downhill course. Each stop celebrates the need to refuel with plenty of carbs… and bacon! Remember to take your time and enjoy- after all, in the Ridgway 1k, if you’re first, you’re last!

The race ends at Hartwell Park with live music and an optional add-on regional barrel tasting festival too (San Juan Barrel Fest)! This event is a fundraiser for two non-profit arts organizations, Weehawken Creative Arts and the Sherbino.


San Juan Barrel Fest is a fundraiser for the Sherbino worthy of a CHEERS! Barrel brewers, vintners and distillers from the Western Colorado region gather to share a cask or barrel of something special at this event. Each maker will either create a special brew or wine or spirit — some with inventive ingredients, others in a more traditional style for sampling at the event. The San Juan Barrel Fest also includes live music on town park stage! Participation in the SJBF is restricted to ages 21+ with photo ID at the ready, although all ages are welcome to attend and enjoy music and other activities!