The Sherbino staff team consists of four salaried part-time employees plus an hourly bartender and a few contractors.

None of what we do here at The Sherbino would be possible without our very small but very dedicated PART TIME salaried staff of four (Yes, only four! Yes, all are part time!) who run over 140 programs a year, including our large scale events like Fete de la Musique and Ridgway1k/San Juan Barrel Fest. Our staff members all come with decades of experience and diverse skills that set our programs apart. We’ll feature some of their accomplishments in future newsletters but at a glance, this is our small but passionate staff:

Ashley King- Grambley: Our Executive Director with over 22 years of experience as a rural arts E.D.  and another 5 professional years in programming and event planning. You are just as likely to see Ashley greeting you at the door as you are to see her at her desk making sure everything from our budget to our graphics are all fine tuned to perfection. She’s our leader and visionary, our grant-writer, our bookkeeper, our graphic designer, our space-maker, and she even employs her green thumb to make our outdoor spaces and entries the loveliest in town.

Trisha Oakland:

Our Ridgway-Native Program Director with over a decade of experience in event planning, coordination and logistics and a deep passion for music, literature, theatre and of course, the community in which she was raised and where she is raising her teenage daughter.

When not working the door or hopping behind the Sherb bar, she teaches Pilates, practices aerial arts and is an avid cyclist and hiker with a penchant for NYT crossword puzzles and dystopian fiction.

Derek Jones: If you have been to a concert in the Sherbino since 2021- you most likely have heard Derek’s superb audio mixing skills and have enjoyed every minute of it. We have so many patrons remark that they’ve never heard music sound better! Before moving to Ouray County in 2018, Derek worked as a recording engineer in some of Los Angeles’ top commercial recording studios.  Early in his career he assisted in recording sessions for artists including Prince, Daft Punk, Billy Ray Cyrus, Rush, Van Halen, Justin Beiber, and many others. 

He and his wife Kate are proud parents of their baby daughter.

Colin Sullivan: Newest to our team, our Director of Theatre and Storytelling brings 20 years of professional theater experience to the table and he comes to us after ten years as the Executive Director of Telluride Theater.  Colin excels at producing original works and story-based events and has won everyone over with his amazing emcee/host skills at our Ignite and Literary Living Room programs. We are excited to see what he will grow for RCS in the realms of theater, stories and literary arts in the coming years. He’s moving to town soon and is excited to be making new connections and friends.

Kevin Grambley: Kevin is our head bartender (hourly, event-based).

Fresh on the heels of a major career shift after 22+years on the road, Kevin is helping us at the bar and is focusing more on settling into year-round life in Ridgway.

Kevin is active with Town Council and is an avid volunteer with FUSE (Creative Main Street).

You’ve also seen Kevin working at the Colorado Boy and he is now also driving for Tellurides/Western Slope Rides.

Chris Andrews: Chris is our secondary bartender (hourly, event-based). Chris Andrews is a familiar face at the Sherbino and has been a bartender for us off and on throughout the years. His full time focus is on growing his garlic farm just outside of Ridgway, where he has over 20,000 garlic plants of different varieties!

Fabiola Ramiraz: Fabiola is a beloved asset who comes and keeps us tidy and looking pretty each week (contractor). She has been a great help to our team. If you’re looking for a cleaning person, please reach out to Fabioloa at

Marisa Murphy: Marisa has been processing our payroll, paying our sales tax and reconciling our books since 2014. She has been a great friend to the organization over the years

  • Sheelagh Williams: President
  • Sue Husch: Vice President
  • Patrick O’Leary: Treasurer
  • Emma Kigar: Co-Treasurer
  • Allison Gelvin: Secretary
  • Guthrie Castle
  • John Clark
  • Gary Ratcliff
  • Ken Mihelich
  • Lincoln Anderson
  • Jacob Torrey
  • Bob Mann: Emeritus
  • Pat Willits: Emeritus
  • Ashley King-Grambley: Executive Director (Half-Time/Shared)
  • Trisha Oakland: Programs Director:  Music, Film, Sherb Talks, Special Events, Travel Talks (Half-Time/Shared)
  • Colin Sullivan: Theater Teacher and Community Theater & Storytelling Curator Director (Part-Time/Shared)
  • Derek Jones: Sound Engineer, Tech Director and Private Events Coordinator (Part-Time/Shared)