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The beauty and challenge of storytelling is delivering a story justly and gracefully. This is the goal for multi-instrumentalist Jenny Hill. Her music is of the people, places, experiences, and happen-chances that have shaped her life and the lives of those around her. In her music, she delivers these tales honestly and naturally through thoughtful melodies of fiddle, banjo, and guitar.

Space, Jenny’s debut solo album, evokes feelings of both reflection and hope. The album was written and recorded during the year of 2020, and much of the inspiration comes from this most recent time in history, one that has forced all of us to make changes in our daily lives and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. These songs tell stories of the silver linings that have emerged in the midst of hardship, and she is joined by family and friends that bring both depth and life to these words and melodies.

Life is beautiful and painful and moving. It deserves to be captured. She chooses to do so in song.

  • DATE

    Saturday, July 17th

  • TIME

    7:30-9:00 pm

  • COST

    $15 per person

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