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March 22 @ 7:30 pm

Doors: 7 || Show: 7:30 || $20

Southern Colorado Full Moon Collective Presents, A night of Deep Psychedelic Bass Music.

Join us for a journey into the deeper frequencies of sound with a Fractal Family Takeover. The Fractal Family is a collective of visionary artists from the Western Slope of Colorado. We will have sound reinforcements and custom analog visuals by bear.VIZ and Triforce. Don’t miss out on Ridgway’s first Psybass experience.


Psyruleus is the musical venture of Geoff Sheets, a relentless explorer of sound and constant seeker of growth. With a name derived from the ancient Greek and Latin words for the color of the sky, psychedelic caeruleus, Psyruleus embodies an ever-ascending evolution. A proud member of The Fractal Family, Psyruleus recently left a memorable mark with a captivating performance at CYMATIKA, a Bicycle Day and 4.20 Celebration. Psyruleus continues to soar, pushing sonic boundaries and sharing his passion with the world.

Soulstice Music

Soulstice Music emerges from the heart and creativity of Luke Wilson, an ordinary individual with an extraordinary passion for crafting music that serves as a guide for profound introspection. Through humble resources, Soulstice Music weaves a tapestry of deep melodic bass and captivating soundscapes that evoke both sensuality and intensity. With each composition, Soulstice Music invites listeners on a transformative journey, reminding us that extraordinary experiences can arise from the simplest of origins.


Hailing from Colorado, Kadalyst is an electronic musician who has carved his own unique musical path. With memorable shows despite the pandemic, including standout performances at Your Mom’s House in Denver and the Cultivate festival in Delta, CO, Kadalyst’s sonic journey is marked by innovation. His dedication to musical growth led them to a life-altering ‘Beat Retreat’ in Scotland, while their current base in Hotchkiss, CO fuels their ongoing evolution as an artist.

604 Clinton St
Ridgway, Colorado 81432 United States