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Blasphemin Boys Tabernacle Choir

August 15, 2023 @ 7:30 pm

Doors @ 7 / Show @ 7:30 / $15

Blasphemin Boys Tabernacle Choir: Across the wide west and into your hearts!

“Blasphemin Boys Tabernacle Choir” is a 3-part queer folk freak experience created by McKain Lakey, Creekbed Carter Hogan, and Jud/Jude/Judith Brothers. Each consummate solo songwriters and performers, watch these three little songbirds dip and dive through one another’s tried-and-true 1-man sets in a never-before-heard musical frolic that is not to be missed. 

You might ask yourself… But who in the codswallop are these Blasphemin Boys? Why do we care? Who told them they could be in the Boys Club? Why must they Blaspheme? Where did these weirdos find a Tabernacle?

Only some of these questions can be answered here, the rest would require you to share an evening of musical mirth with this troublesome trio. 

McKain Lakey, originally hailing from rural Washington and now based in Minnesota, is not only an accomplished Old Time musician, but a fearlessly earnest and skilled crafter of songs. You can hear in their songs that they are deeply rooted in traditional music, while also reaching toward expansion and experimentation within the genre. Between their storytelling, strings, and sweet as honey singing voice, this musician is what folks call “The Real Deal”.

Watching Creekbed Carter Hogan is like attending the party of a poet, a jester, and a wayward saint, all in one guy’s performance. He engages audiences warm heartedly, and it is disarming how quickly he appears to be among his very best friends in a crowd of perfect strangers. His singing voice is clear as a bell, fingerpicking as delicate as a sparrow, his witty wordsmithing sharp as a blade. Hailing from Austin, TX, this rascal delivers a unique blend of folk whimsy that audiences are certain to find compelling.  

Jude Brothers… Let’s say you are in a forest, and you don’t know how you got there. A strong voice lilts from an autumnal quiet to a riveting loud stream to sing you the spell of their story. Is it a mockingbird? The spirit of an ash tree? A mischievous, but benevolent forest sprite? Nay! Tis but your new friend, Jud. Or Jude. Or Judith. With harp, guitar, and sometimes tenor banjo in tow, this freaky little Ozark bard has come bearing gifts: Songs that blend traditional sensibilities with contemporary concerns, steeped in Brothers’ attendant regional influences – and enriched through their abiding and engaged love of various world folk traditions. 

`Coming August 2023 to a city near you.

604 Clinton St
Ridgway, Colorado 81432 United States