Pay off the debt on the Sherbino theater. Goal: $200,000 Status: Completed in 2016!!

PHASE 2 – GOAL: $130,000 | COMPLETE

Improvements to the Sherbino, with a target completion date for funding of April 2018.

Phase 2 involved making significant improvements to the Sherbino, with upgraded acoustics, added heating and cooling capabilities, new light fixtures, comfortable seating, and overall aesthetic enhancements. 

PHASE 3 – GOAL: $494,000 | COMPLETE

Pay off the debt on our new real estate purchase. Complete!

On January 15, 2018 we took occupancy of 610 Clinton Street (aka the Magpie Building). This is our immediate neighbor to the west of the Sherbino. This acquisition secures another key piece of downtown historic real estate and moves us ever closer to our town’s vision of a vibrant Main Street and Creative District.

We will develop a full plan for eventually integrating our two adjacent buildings, but in the meantime, expect more life on Clinton Street as our administrative staff and that of our sister organization, Weehawken Creative Arts, has moved into the space. In addition to offices, we gained much needed storage and unique meeting spaces. The front of the space is now a gallery for local artist exhibitions. A small gift shop is coming soon.

With the completion of the Town’s RAMP Up project and the investments in sprucing up the downtown area, the stage has been set for a vibrant, walkable, creative commercial district. It requires all of us for the vision to become real.


We don’t intend to be in capital campaign mode forever, but we do foresee joining the two buildings to most effectively accommodate our diverse and growing programming and hospitality needs. In the meantime, we have a wonderful new asset to put to good use.


Your support means a lot to us. And your support continues to keep the arts flourishing in our community. Jonathan Fanton, President of the MacArthur Foundation, really says it best:

“There is no better indicator of the spiritual health of our city, its neighborhoods, and the larger region than the state of the arts. The arts deepen our understanding of the human spirit, extend our capacity to comprehend the lives of others, allow us to imagine a more just and humane world. Through their diversity of feeling, their variety of form, their multiplicity of inspiration, the arts make our culture richer and more reflective.”

So once again, thank YOU!


To embody the Chautauqua tradition by producing programs celebrating lifelong learning, the arts, culture and community.

  • Sheelagh Williams: President
  • Gary Ratcliff: Vice President
  • Patrick O’Leary: Treasurer
  • Allison Gelvin: Secretary
  • Robb Austin
  • Guthrie Castle
  • John Clark
  • Sue Husch
  • Ken Mihelich
  • Bob Mann: Emeritus
  • Pat Willits: Emeritus
  • Ashley King-Grambley: Executive Director (Half-Time/Shared)
  • Trisha Oakland: Programs Director:  Music, Film, Sherb Talks, Special Events, Travel Talks (Half-Time/Shared)
  • Kathleen O’Mara: Artistic Director for Theater (Part-Time/Shared)
  • Ryan Sergent: Bar Manager, Tech Director and Private Events Coordinator (Part-Time/Shared)
  • Haley Niven: Head Bartender (event-based)