Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) was founded in 2010 and has been our state arts agency housed in the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. With the support of CCI, non-profit, and for-profit creative businesses, artists and creative entrepreneurs have increased access to financial support, skill development, leadership training, and professional networking. More than 25 Creative Districts, including the Ridgway Creative District, have been created throughout the state thanks to CCI. This alone has changed the face of Colorado tremendously, especially rural Colorado, and has been an important economic driver.

Other local arts organizations receiving funding from CCI in 2020 include Sherbino Theater, Weehawken Creative Arts and the Wright Opera House. In fact, all of our local arts non-profits, and many of our artists are eligible for CCI relief funding right now.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to advocate for the importance of Colorado Creative Industries. Colorado’s FY21 budget parameters have not been finalized. Given the uncertainty of projected State revenues, the State continues to explore multiple contingency scenarios to deliver a balanced budget. 

We encourage you to contact members of the Joint Budget Committee and the Colorado Arts Caucus to reinforce the impact and significance of this vital agency. As a community that depends on the arts, we cannot let this agency get defunded, especially when we need them the most right now!

Please send a personal message on the importance of the arts in our communities today!

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Dear Representative / Senator [Last Name],
It is vitally important that funding is maintained for Colorado Creative Industries (CCI), our state arts agency housed in the Office of Economic Development and International Trade.
I understand that the State’s FY21 budget parameters have not been finalized. Until that time, the impact on Colorado’s arts community and the future of CCI is unclear.
The arts are essential to our well-being. They provide comfort and connection in stressful times. They strengthen our communities and inspire creativity. But most importantly right now, the arts and creative industries are a critical economic driver and will be necessary for Colorado’s financial recovery.
·        Arts and cultural production account for $15.6 Billion and 4.5% of the Colorado economy, contributing 103,401 jobs, more than mining or transportation (2017).
·        CCI attracts roughly $800,000 annually in federal investment for the state of Colorado from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) with a required state match.
·        State certified Creative Districts contribute to over 31,000 jobs and $1.8 Billion in total creative industry earnings.
CCI has been a cornerstone in pooling and leveraging relief funding for artists and cultural organizations in Colorado as a result of COVID-19. Their investment in the Colorado Artist Relief fund attracted other funders to contribute and helped ensure money was distributed statewide. Without CCI, Colorado would lose its federal funding from the NEA, including critical recovery resources through the CARES Act.
In order for Colorado’s economy to recover, we need to continue to invest in the arts and creative industries.
Colorado cannot afford to lose its state arts agency. Please make sure CCI’s funding is maintained.
Thank you,

*your name*