Vaudeville Auditions

Calling all performers! We are seeking performance artists of all skill levels for Cirque Vaudeville on July 30th!

We are looking for musicians, dancers, singers, clowns, jugglers, lion tamers, comedians, short films or plays, unicorns, acrobats, cowboys, fire breathers, oddities, hula- hoopers, monologists, poets, stilters, bearded ladies, painters, body contortionists, mimes, impersonators, seamstresses. A typical vaudeville performance is made up of a series of separate and unrelated acts grouped together in one whole show. The origin of the word Vaudeville is obscure, but is often explained as being derived from the French expression voix de ville or "city voice", let's give Ridgway a voice by expressing ourselves through this performance. The theme of our show is vaudeville meets circus, CIRQUE VAUDEVILLE with an added steam-punk twist. You DO NOT need to have experience to be a part of this show we are all inclusive of all talents and people, come with an open mind and a willingness to play! However the slots are numbered please come audition with your act at the Sherbino Theater on July 13th from 6-8:00pm. If you need help to come up with an act or help getting supplies together please contact Ringmaster Sara Doehrman at 970-708-4027. The show will be July 30th Saturday- there will be a show followed by dancing, we will have a formal dress rehearsal July 29th. Other possible rehearsals will be held TBA based on personal schedules.

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A history of community

Established in 1915, the Sherbino has been the heart of Ridgway Colorado, providing a venue for community events ranging from music to poetry. Now in a period of re-birth, the Sherbino continues to standout as the hub of events and community activities in Ridgway and throughout Ouray County. On February 11 2012 the Sherbino incorporated as the Ridgway Chautauqua Society Inc. whose mission is to restore the venue and to offer events and community focused program. Learn more about the Sherbino.

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