Sherbino GAME CAFE Night! - All ages!

Sherbino debuts Sherbino Board Game Cafe Nights!

Game Night No Longer Means Staying In! 

The board game renaissance has continued to defy the digital age, with sales of hobby games in the United States and Canada growing a reported 21 percent in 2016, with more than $1.4 billion in sales. More than 208,000 people attended GenCon, a tabletop-game convention, in 2017.  Now, board game cafes are popping up all over – from Texas to India to Ridgway – offering patrons food and drink, as well as access to libraries of games.  Titles stretch well beyond Monopoly, Risk, and even Twilight Struggle to Pandemic, Stretego, and Settlers of Catan!


Ticket to Ride
Settlers of Catan
Clue (Dr. Who)
A couple of puzzles (that can be done in 3 hours!

GO- (There will be a coach available to teach this game!)

Power Grid



Twilight Struggle (Cold war game)

Cosmic Encounter

There will also be solitary games from Think Fun games! I have 3-5 I could bring

Also- BYOG- bring your own game is encouraged.

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A history of community

Established in 1915, the Sherbino has been the heart of Ridgway Colorado, providing a venue for community events ranging from music to poetry. Now in a period of re-birth, the Sherbino continues to standout as the hub of events and community activities in Ridgway and throughout Ouray County. On February 11 2012 the Sherbino incorporated as the Ridgway Chautauqua Society Inc. whose mission is to restore the venue and to offer events and community focused program. Learn more about the Sherbino.

Heart of Ridgway

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