Sherb Talk: The History of Climbing in the San Juan Mountains with Pete Davis

Colorado’s largest, most rugged and most remote mountain range has long beckoned to mountain climbers who seek to challenge themselves and know it’s beauty and secrets more intimately.

The history of climbing in the San Juan’s spans over 150 years and includes the likes of explorers, miners, cowboys and more recently, some of the greatest climbers the modern world has ever known. This talk will take an in depth look at some of these fascinating and legendary characters, their accomplishments and their made-for-Hollywood stories of adventure and mis-adventure among the peaks, frozen waterfalls and cliffs of Ridgway’s backyard.

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Established in 1915, the Sherbino has been the heart of Ridgway Colorado, providing a venue for community events ranging from music to poetry. Now in a period of re-birth, the Sherbino continues to standout as the hub of events and community activities in Ridgway and throughout Ouray County. On February 11 2012 the Sherbino incorporated as the Ridgway Chautauqua Society Inc. whose mission is to embody the Chautauqua tradition by producing programs celebrating lifelong learning, the arts, culture and community. Learn more about the Sherbino.

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