Sherb Talk: Wilderness Under Siege with George Wuerthner

The Great Old Broads for Wilderness and Sherbino Theater co-present George Wuerthner, Wilderness Watch's Advocate-Organizer,

on May 14th for a discussion about the challenges facing Wilderness, how you can better protect the Wilderness in your backyard and around the country, and efforts to organize against congressional and administration efforts to weaken or repeal the Wilderness Act. 


George is a well-known writer on conservation issues, having published 38 books and innumerable articles, essays, and opinion pieces. He’s given hundreds of presentations around the country on Wild

erness, wildfire, livestock grazing, wildlife protection, and other public land issues. 

George is also a wildlands explorer extraordinaire, having hiked and paddled in more than 400 designated Wildernesses and more than 180 nation

al park units. George attended the U of Montana in Missoula where he studied wildlife biology.From his base in Missoula, he began his life-long exploration of wild places. He has spent time in 180 national park units and has visited every national forest in the West. He has also visited more than 400 Wilderness areas 

and many more roadless areas.  After graduation from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in science communication, George began his writing career, publishing 38 books. Many titles involved exploring and writing about wildlands, including California Wilderness Areas: Mountains and Coast, California Wilderness Areas: Desert, Oregon Wilderness Areas, Forever Wild: the Adirondacks, and titles like Keeping the Wild: Against the Domestication of the Earth and Protecting the Wild: Parks and Wilderness as the Foundation for Conservation. After studying geography at the U of Oregon, George subsequently worked for wildlands philanthropist Doug Tompkins at the Foundation for Deep Ecology, and published Welfare Ranching: The subsidized destruction of the Arid West, Thrillcraft: The Environmental Consequences of Motorized Recreation, Plundering Appalachia, Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy, and Energy: The Delusion of Endless Growth. With his ecological training and experience in wildlands throughout the country, George brings passion, knowledge, and ecological humility to wilderness advocacy.

This event co-sponsored by Great Old Broads for Wilderness and the Sherbino Theater (Ridgway Chautauqua Society) is free and open to the public. Doors and bar open at 7 pm, talk begins at 7:30 pm. 

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