Erik Stucky

Erik Stucky looks forward to returning to the beautiful Sherbino Theater for this intimate solo acoustic show. 


Stucky is a performing singer-songwriter from Montrose, Colorado, who now resides in Nashville. Active as a recording artist on the international scene since the release of his debut album in 2017, Stucky has performed across the United States and Europe.

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The term “good vibrations” can conjure up different meanings for different people, but for Erik Stucky it can mean only one thing – positive, upbeat and fun. That is exactly why he named his upcoming album, set for an early 2019 release, “Good Vibrations.” The tune is also his first single.

“I wanted the album to be a compilation of feel good music with plenty of upbeat melodies that make people feel good,” Stucky says. The title track, “Good Vibrations” which features a lively horn section, driving mandolin solo, infectious melody and poignant lyrics will put a smile on any listeners’ face. “I wrote ‘Good Vibrations’ with Tiffany Gassett after we had a discussion about St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands), where she lived and I visited a lot when I was younger. We decided to write an island tune, and it set the tone for the whole album. With all the craziness and anger in the world, I want to record and play music that elevates the listener. This project is sort of my protest to all of the negativity around us today.”

Stucky says this direction was a natural one for him, as it was the way his heart wanted to go when he set out to record this album, the second release of his career. The songs are meant to touch people’s hearts and tilt their mood to a positive note.

The Montrose, Colorado native’s first album, “Stray Clouds,” was more of a roots sound with bluegrass overtones. Stucky relocated to Nashville in February of 2017, and says the move has shaped and changed things, musically, for him. With influences including Lyle Lovett, Paul Simon and James Taylor, Stucky has found a home in Pop music with his upcoming release.

“Swimming in such a deep talent pool (in Nashville) pushes you to raise your game in a way that can only occur by way of full immersion. That’s exactly why I moved here, and it hasn’t let me down,” Stucky says, adding, “There is something incredible about knowing that no matter how big the musical vision, it can be done here in Nashville”.

Indeed, Stucky found the big production he was looking for in Music City, which includes horns, percussion, an island rhythm section and his own interpretation of the music through his mandolin.

“Don’t Stop” makes full use of the horns and percussion as the singer begs the rain not to stop because “I won’t be complainin’ if we end up stayin’ in this bed.” “Fall In’” is a love song wherein the guy explains to his girl that he just can’t beat gravity and he thinks he’s falling all the way in love with her. “Heavy Is The Crown” brings a softer sound and production, while “Living Life” is a great summer song about lovers and friends getting together to kick back and celebrate what life is all about.

Stucky, who began putting pen to paper when he was a junior in high school but really got serious about it about four years ago, writes or co-writes all his songs. “I don’t only write things that necessarily apply to me; I like to get a feeling for whatever is out there and go outside my direct experiences. That is where I get my most creative and relatable songs.”

The songwriter in Stucky hears song ideas all the time. “I could hear something on the radio or read a line in a book. I wrote one song using a phrase a friend of mine said all the time – ‘ain’t no quitter.’ I might even hear a word that’s interesting, and maybe see where it could have couple different meanings or I how I could approach the meaning in a unique way.”

With the release of the album, Stucky has set a few goals for his career in the next year. “This is a more pop-oriented album and I want to get it to the largest audience possible. I’m looking forward to doing some TV appearances and touring nationally and internationally. Because I’m from Colorado, I would love see Red Rocks Amphitheater (outside of Denver) on my schedule as the tour develops.”

Wherever he plays, Stucky plans to spread love and fun and lots of good vibrations to his fans along the way.

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