Sky Pilot

ELECTROFUSION-FUNK-JAM takes over the Sherbino for an evening!

About Sky Pilot:

Out of Durango, Sky Piolet is Aaron Lombardo, Jim Belcher, Ryan McCurry, Chad MacCluskey. AARON LOMBARDO on DW Drums. with 25 years of professional playing under his belt.He has been a part of such projects as BUDDHA BASE PROCESS, A DUB ROCK BAND and the DURANGO FUNK ALLSTARS, sharing stages with the likes of PHISH, RUSH ,JAMES BROWN, BOB WEIR,STRING CHEESE INCIDENT, DRED ZEPPELIN, OTIS DAY and many many more. Chad MacCluskey is quite the renaissance figure who gravitated towards music at an early age. He not only has performed countless times, strumming a broken tennis racquet on his mother’s living room floor, to an audience of G.I. Joe dolls, but also to human audiences in Africa, Australia, and Indonesia.

Mr. MacCluskey has a Bachelors in Neuroscience, a teaching degree, a Masters in Elementary Education/ Information Technologies, and many endorsements in Special Education. His latest three-year endeavor was in becoming a Certified Academic Language Therapist. Mr. MacCluskey has been in public education for over thirteen years. He has also started his ninth year coaching middle school Cross Country running. Lastly, he has a passion of performing on guitars with seven strings in unconventional tunings. Jim grew up on the beaches and in the water in South Florida and the Keys. He saw snow for the first time at age 28 and decided he had enough of crowds, humidity and bugs. He loves the high desert and mountains of the Southwest. As far as music goes, his initial ambition as a kid was to play rhythm guitar in a jr. high band. When the other guys realized he didn't know how to play a barre chord, a copy of a P-bass was shoved into his hands. Voila! A switch clicked, a light turned on and he hasn't looked back. (But he has since learned how to play a barre chord!)

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A history of community

Established in 1915, the Sherbino has been the heart of Ridgway Colorado, providing a venue for community events ranging from music to poetry. Now in a period of re-birth, the Sherbino continues to standout as the hub of events and community activities in Ridgway and throughout Ouray County. On February 11 2012 the Sherbino incorporated as the Ridgway Chautauqua Society Inc. whose mission is to restore the venue and to offer events and community focused program. Learn more about the Sherbino.

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