Senisim Pasin (Change Your Ways)

Come watch a film that is positively impacting an entire nation.

Senisim Pasin (Change Your Ways) takes a unique approach to gender based violence in Papua New Guinea and was produced and is being distributed to 9,000 villages by a local Montrose based organization called, the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation.  There will be a Q & A session after the film where you can learn about the national campaign and how it is changing culture.  

Senisim Pasin is a cultural changing national campaign centered around the film by the same name. It takes a positive and innovative approach to the dark subject of gender-based violence and often leaves participants aspiring to be part of the movement. Senisim Pasin is built on the belief that Papua New Guinea can improve how women are valued by society and, in fact, the change is already happening.

The Senisim Pasin campaign is supported in part through a bilateral partnership with the Papua New Guinean and Australian governments.


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