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6:10 at 610 Artist Reception: "We Want Our View and Eat It Too" by Tammi Brazee

Ridgway’s new gallery, the 610 Arts Collective, features "We Want Our View and Eat It Toot" by artist Tammi Brazee throughout the month of June. To view the show and meet the artist, there will be a gallery reception on June 2 at 6:10 p.m.

Ridgway 1K Rally Through the Alley

Yes...we really said 1k!
Why? Because this race is for the art-lete in all of us. Run the alleys of Ridgway and enjoy the hidden poems and sculptures. Finish in our beautiful town park and enjoy our community. All funds go to Weehawken Creative Arts and the Sherbino Theater (Ridgway Chautauqua Society) to continue the offering of arts, culture, enrichment and lifelong learning in our region.

Register HERE!! Early Bird Pricing through April 11!!!

Sherb Talk: "Forced Conversion and Spanish Jewry”; a CU Peak to Peak Roundtable with Rebecca Wartell

The forced conversion of half of Spain’s Jews to Christianity during the Inquisition period (1391-1492) left a legacy of Crypto-Jewry that continues to impact families in modern times. This workshop will consider rabbinic texts that address the challenges of conversion in the early modern period, as well as contemporary approaches to the issue of conversos reclaiming their Jewish identities.

Telling Stories Through Songs with Sarah McQuaid

What is it in a story – whether it be a fairytale, a historical event or a recent news item – that makes it worthy of a song?

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