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6:10 at 610 Artist Reception: Leah Diament "I Have Words"

Join us on January 4th for the first exhibition of the new year, Leah Diament's "I Have Words", a visual expression of the difficulty and intricacy of the communication process through collage.

dZi Foundation and Sherbino Present Mark Udall: OFFROUTE!

How attitude, altitude and action led to two equally dangerous careers, climbing on the world’s highest peaks and serving in the US Congress!

Open Bard Literary Series: Barbara Rockman

Join us for a reading by award-winning poet Barbara Rockman, who will be sharing work from her latest collection, to cleave (University of New Mexico Press, 2019).

Open Bard Literary Series: Frank Coons

Frank H.Coons, a Lithic Press poet, heads south to share his work. Frank is a veterinarian and poet in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Open Bard Literary Series: Nick Arvin

Nick Arvin’s most recent novel, Mad Boy (Europa Editions, 2018), won the 2019 Colorado Book Award for Literary Fiction and was described as “a finely honed literary achievement” by the Denver Post and “a condensed epic” by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Sherb Talk: Karen Risch presents "No Individual Heroes"

Ouray County, Colorado, a popular tourist destination, has dramatic mountains and amazing winter ice climbing. Challenging terrain and high altitude can push visitors to their limits and beyond. deaths from unforeseeable accidents, at altitude, can occur in bad weather or areas that make helicopter rescue impossible or extremely dangerous. For five decades the Ouray Mountain Rescue Team has helped those in trouble in this unique place. as journalist Roger Anderson wrote: "the San Juans, for all their seemingly benign majesty, can be as unforgiving as they are beautiful."

Sherb Talk: The History of U.S. Public Lands with Walt Dabney

Where did our Public Lands come from? Why do the western states have lots and other states almost none? How were states formed? What does the Constitution say about these lands? What was the effect of the Homestead Act and the Railroad Act? How were National Parks and Forests established? Why are these lands held “in common”, so important to us today?Join former National Park Ranger and Superintendent and Texas State Parks Director, Walt Dabney for answers to these, and more, questions.

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