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Sherb Talk: Differing Views of Justice with Professor Ryan Murphy

Justice is a term we commonly use and is one of the most important concepts in any social order. Yet inasmuch as our definitions of justice differ, we find ourselves on different sides of important discussions. This talk will examine the way three prominent rival theories of justice work, and how they lead to importantly different outcomes in public policy.

Sherb Talk: Karen Risch presents "No Individual Heroes"

Ouray County, Colorado, a popular tourist destination, has dramatic mountains and amazing winter ice climbing. Challenging terrain and high altitude can push visitors to their limits and beyond. deaths from unforeseeable accidents, at altitude, can occur in bad weather or areas that make helicopter rescue impossible or extremely dangerous. For five decades the Ouray Mountain Rescue Team has helped those in trouble in this unique place. as journalist Roger Anderson wrote: "the San Juans, for all their seemingly benign majesty, can be as unforgiving as they are beautiful."

Sherb Travel Talk: A Philanthropic Approach to World Travel

The degree of a person’s involvement varies. Some donate money. Others get their hands dirty with volunteer work or contribute by teaching. All return home touched.

Telling Stories Through Songs with Sarah McQuaid

What is it in a story – whether it be a fairytale, a historical event or a recent news item – that makes it worthy of a song?

WILD HOPE: Catalyst for Change

Sherbino Theater and Great Old Broads for Wilderness present a film screening of "Wild Hope", an inspirational 35-minute documentary that combines science, economics, and personal story to call us to protect wild ecosystems against an unrelenting materialistic culture that's producing social malaise and an uninhabitable planet.

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