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6:10 at 610 Artist Reception: Jeff Michalek

Join the Ridgway Chautauqua Society and Weehawken Creative Arts at the 610 Arts Collective on Clinton Street in celebration of the exhibition of photography by Jeff Michalek of Ridgway on Sunday, July 22nd from 6:10-9:00 pm. Michalek‚Äôs black & white photography blends the wet plate processes of the 1850s and the Rawlins Oil Printing process of the early 1900s. This show just returned from exhibition in Spain and is a chance to peek into the evolution of photography and celebrate its heritage as a historical art form.

Sherb Nerds - August

Who's ready for some trivia?!!  

Sherb Nerds - July

Who's ready for some trivia?!!  

Sherbino Night Live!

Sherbino Theatre Company Strikes Back with SHERBINO NIGHT LIVE!

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